To My Angelians

Hi guys..My name is Angel Locsin, and you are welcome to visit this page and read some of my thoughts in my one of my outlet in cyberspace. Hope you guys like it! Thanks for all your support! Go angelians!!!

face of an angel

face of an angel

what is the best asset that angel locsin have?!

Friday, March 21, 2008

this was taken during our taping at calatagan batangas!..Im having fun and im enjoying the scene.!


angelavidfan said...

Hi! angel.. just want to congrats u for a very success results of LOBO.. we always watch it and we try not to miss it at all..lalo na ngaun sobra nang ganda nya... sana parati kayong magkapareha na piolo kc bagay na bagay kaung 2.. sana rin kau na lng sa real life.. anyway, we will always support u 100% sa lahat ng gagawin mo..avid fan from miami,florida...

danica said...

cute. :)

is this site personally maintained by ate gel?

a sexy angel!!

a sexy angel!!