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face of an angel

face of an angel

what is the best asset that angel locsin have?!

Friday, March 21, 2008


• Angel on a 7-hour body make-up: Angel is a natural morena beauty though she sometimes looks fairer on some angles. Cosmo people wanted her to look more tanned. So Gel underwent a grueling 7-hour make-up all over her body. While coated with the said make-up, she was then exposed to studio lights to bring out the TAN on her. Imagine the heat, guyz….whew! During the entire shoot, not a single complaint can ever be heard from Angel. She got the respect from Cosmo for being a trooper, a real professional. So proud of you girl. Though Gel was a bit shy pa rin daw. Kapag walang shot, she put on a robe. (Ika nga ni Lyka, dalagang pilipina pa rin sya. )

• No photoshop miracle: FYI for all the bashers/haters especially those from PEP. (Sorry guyz if they are specially mentioned here. They kinda irritates me with their boastful bashings there. Ang yayabang, wala naman palang basehan). Cosmo don’t wanna fool their readers so they don’t resort to computer enhancement gimmicks just to make the photos too perfect. The only enhancement is the body make-up to get a more tanned look. That’s all. No need for photoshop’s help really. Angel got the right curves and bumps at the right places…. naturally. So what you see is what you get, folks. And thanks to tut tut…for the “fasting advice.” Hehehe. Sa mga bitter pa rin dyan, bahala kayo. No cure for that green-eyed monster called inggit, y’know.

• Angel really gives her importance to her fans: While doing the shoot, Angel kinda thought of her female fans especially the young generation. Ano kaya ang tingin nila? Ano ang magiging dating sa kanila? Cosmo assured her that her girl fans will understand since like her, nag-mamature din sila. This is what the photoshoot is for. To show them that she’s coming out of her sheltered shell, out of her comfort zone…ready to explore the world. Girl empowerment. Reaching for your dreams to become a woman of substance. It’s about taking risk. Living the Life. More of this stuff in the mag article. Anyway, when asked further “E how about your male fans? Are you not worried with their reactions?” Angel laughed.

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alma said...

nice magazine especially the cover is no other than My Angel,interesting articles to read. this year i got most of the magazines particularly if the cover is ANGEL LOCSIN.

i like you for being a simple lady. keep up the good work. take care always and God bless.

a sexy angel!!

a sexy angel!!