To My Angelians

Hi guys..My name is Angel Locsin, and you are welcome to visit this page and read some of my thoughts in my one of my outlet in cyberspace. Hope you guys like it! Thanks for all your support! Go angelians!!!

face of an angel

face of an angel

what is the best asset that angel locsin have?!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sinulog Festival in CEBU

This pictures are taken at cebu during the sinulog Festival where in i promote Jag And Lobo...! to all cebuanos thanks guys for the warm welcome..!love you all..Happy fiesta!


rosearian010476 said...

hello..angel hwag kang mag alala andaming nagmamahal sayo.keep up the good work always and keep on praying..we loves you from europe

joan said...

hi angel,i am one of your avid fans from newyork,you're really beautiful inside and out,keep it up always and don't forget to put God first and you'll be more successful in every steps you'll make.we'll always be here to support you.Luv ya..

a sexy angel!!

a sexy angel!!